Malaysia is known as a paradise reminiscent place that crawls with environmental diversity. Among this diversity lies many coral reef locations. Last weekend over 80 divers showed support for their oceanic habitat by performing a coral reef cleaning dive off of the coast of a national park called Talang Satang Island. The event was organized by Sarawak Forestry Corporation. They have also been managing the national park since 1999. This two day diving event really spread coral reef conservation awareness to the community. Fishing nets and other trash and debris were removed and cleaned off of the nearby reefs. The island is also known for being a research site for sea turtles and over the last 40 years over three million hatchlings have been released from this location. Careless fisherman and beachcombers are one of the largest causes of pollution and decaying coral reefs. So it’s nice to see Malaysian citizens showing support for their reefs! Read the full article at