Adopt a Reef

June 26, 2011

The Nature Conservancy’s Adopt a Reef program is a great opportunity for people to give back to reefs worldwide even if they don’t live near them. You can donate any amount you desire and they even make it an interactive process where you can choose which location you would like your donation to go towards. The selection options are the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Palau, and Papua New Guinea. Since I have actually been snorkeling in the Dominican Republic, I decided to donate to that area. During my visit, it wasn’t hard to notice all of the dying and struggling coral. This was very sad to see because the Dominican is gorgeous and the environment surrounding the borders of the country are one of the top grounds for The North Atlantic Humpback Whale breeding. The Dominican houses over 8,000 square miles of coral reefs and over 80% of them are in extreme danger and are depleting at a steadfast rate. The main causes are from overfishing, overdeveloping and careless tourism.

Adopt a reef in the Dominican Republic

The Nature Conservancy is doing the following in the Dominican to help conserve and protect the coral reefs:
-Conducting scientific field research to identify and protect key fish breeding sites
-Helping to enforce environmental regulations and combat illegal fishing activities
-Working with communities to promote alternative and sustainable livelihoods and income sources

So I definitely encourage you all to reach out and help an organization thats working hard to preserve our oceans!