Biorock Technology Metallic Structure

A recent project off the coast of Bali is sending shock waves through the world of coral reef conservation…literally! Biorock Technology, which consist of metal cages with a minimal amount of electric current running through them, is proving helpful in assisting the rebuilding of reefs. The technology’s electric currents actually help initiate the formation of limestone which in turn attracts coral growth. This technology is derived from Wolf Hibertz’s study in the 1970’s that determined electrified metal can cause dissolved minerals in water to crystalize. Using these methods scientists can get coral to grow up to six times faster! As of now Biorock technology is the only proven successful way to protect reefs from the effects of global warming and coral bleaching. The question left remaining is if this solution can become cost effective enough to help larger endangered reef habitats. In the meantime, any progress is good progress in the fight to preserve the world’s reefs!