Spotlight On: Too Precious To Wear

May 9, 2011

An organization that I follow on Twitter really stood out to me today while I was surfing the ‘twittersphere.’  A few weeks ago I wrote about the dangers of damaging coral for the price of fashion. ‘Too Precious To Wear” was started by designers who pledge to never destroy coral to create a piece of jewelry and they encourage other companies to follow suite and take the pledge. They have ideas to create your companies own line of faux-coral products to honor the conservation of real coral reefs and emphasize the need for advocacy towards this issue. Some of the designers created fake coral candle holders, bowls, necklaces, lockets, earrings, lamps, and even napkin holders. These coral alternatives can bring the sea life vibe to your house or jewelry collection without damaging the environment!

There is even a link to take the pledge against using real coral in the line of jewelry making! To join the mission and to research the organization visit the links.

Take the Pledge on their website


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